In LLASA we are dedicated to the industrialization and commercialization of wood for the national and international markets, striving to ensure the quality and compliance with delivery times of our products and services.

Con una trayectoria de más de 36 años, aún permanece el carácter familiar de nuestra compañía, fundada en 1986 por don Eduardo Guzmán Calvo. Este sello nos permite una toma de decisiones ágil y la flexibilidad para adaptarnos a los constantes cambios que impone el mercado, sin olvidar nuestra historia y el sólido compromiso con nuestros clientes y colaboradores.

Thanks to our experience, installed capacity, and the efforts of our workers, we offer our customers a wide variety of products made from totally renewable resources. In addition, we have an important forestry heritage that allows us to guarantee the continuity of our processes.

Currently, we export more than 120,000 cubic metres of wood products to markets such as Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, the United States, and the Caribbean, among others.